About Me

I have been in the desktop publishing/graphic design business for over 40 years and have expanded my business to include website design and the formatting of books, thesis and academic journals.

I work at home so have no costly overheads to on-charge clients.

I believe that in the current economic climate, one-person and smaller businesses need to promote themselves via good business marketing, i.e. business cards and a website – but at a price that isn’t going to put a strain on their business.

I also believe that when someone puts in the effort and hours of research required to write, for example a book, journal, article, or thesis, that that work should and can be presented in the best possible way.

I am extremely conscientious about meeting deadlines, completing tasks and offer 100% confidentiality. I have both Apple Macintosh and Windows computers.

I look forward to being able to help you.