Books, journals, theses . . . and more!

I have extensive skills in Microsoft Word and Excel; and I specialise in formatting tables so am able to format books in raw Microsoft Word format and produce print-ready pdfs.

I also have extensive knowledge of Adobe Indesign for books which require more sophisticated indepth layout than that available in Microsoft Word.

I offer the following services:

  • Compilation of files into one complete document
  • Inserting images and graphics, resizing and converting to cmyk or greyscale
  • Placement of tables and styling of same to ensure data is clearly read
  • Inserting headers and footers
  • Inserting page numbers
  • Creating Tables of Contents
  • Creating styles for numbered and bulleted lists to ensure consistency
  • Fixing typographical errors, e.g. spacing and hyphenation; spacing between a bracket and text; replacing ‘ . . .’ with ellipses and ‘-‘ with an en dash and many other common and easily overlooked errors

A low-resolution pdf will be produced for proofing purposes. Once any changes have been made (changes to actual written content will incur a charge but minor changes to styling are free) another low-resolution pdf will be produced for final proofing purposes.

A print-ready pdf with embedded images and fonts will be supplied either on DVD or emailed to your desired printer.

I have dealt with an editor of academic journals and books on many occasions and can whole-heartedly recommend her if you would like a professional to edit your documentation prior to being supplied to me for formatting. Email Sue