Web Design

I am a huge fan of using WordPress for designing and building websites. WordPress is a world-renowned system that makes creating, editing and updating your website simple.

WordPress allows my clients to edit most elements of their websites – from text and image content, to adding new pages and search engine metadata. WordPress also has thousands of plug-ins for additional functionality.

Benefits of having your site created with WordPress include:

  • Ease of use, usually an hour or two of instruction is enough to learn the basics of changing content
  • Managing text and images across all the pages of your site
  • Adding new pages and having menus and navigation update automatically
  • If you have social media sites, e.g. Facebook or Twitter, your site can be linked to them – reducing your workload
  • Managing keywords, descriptions and other metadata across all pages – great for search engine optimisation

To view some examples of websites designed by me (created in either Dreamweaver or WordPress) – click on company name to go to their site: